Our Story

In 1999, an ambitious regional arts project, led by Melody Craw, captured the youth of Te Tairāwhiti at the turn of the millennium. Tiles were sent to 6,500 students at 46 Primary and Intermediate schools across the region. They had one task; to paint a self-portrait and help create a Children’s Tile Wall.

For a generation, the Children’s Tile Wall is a special place that connects us – to home, to each other, to a moment in time when all eyes were on Gisborne and we were blissfully doing our thing.

It's’ a place often visited - selfies shared and stories told – children, friends and loved ones in tow.


Let’s get together again and build a new story!

If this wall could talk – what would it say? 20 years after the millennium, we thought it was time to ask.

Kei te aha? Who are you? How are you? What are you up to?

So, we’re rebuilding the wall, in a little project we like to call Pakiwaitara.

Our mission is to build this immense wall online, checking in with every original tile creator and giving them the opportunity to create a 2020 tile in all its digital glory. We want to know about your 20-year journey and where you're at. In doing so, we hope to weave a generation of experiences, art, ideas and viewpoints into one varied and glorious expression of our generation as we are now.


Wanna Help?

If you’ve got a tile.... FIND it, share a little of yourself – through pictures, dance, poetry, video, korero... whatever! We looking forward to meeting you.

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