A memory

Creating this tile is a vivid memory of mine as a new entrant student at Te Wharau School.
I remember carefully trying to paint "myself" & using a screwer to etch in every detail. Obviously at the time I must have believed I had or needed teeth braces because somehow I had drawn them in lol..
I remember when they first went up on the wall. My parents and I had to walk down on 3 different occasions to try and find exactly where my portrait was among the many faces. The day we found it was the greatest excitement. A funny memory I have at that time was my dad asking "how come you've left 'Leach' off your name" (I have a double barreled last name) I looked at him and said as an innocent 5yo. "I didn't know how to spell it." though I had somehow managed to spell Ahuriri at that age haha!
Everytime I visit the restaurants along the wharf, I still go to look at my tile and show friends and family to share my memories of creating it. We have a laugh at each others "portaits" and is still a fun activity to do with our children now.
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