A memory

My final year at Kaiti Primary School, what we use to call then (Standard 4). The late Ms Yvonne Williams was my teacher that year. She was an awesome teacher and the year 1999 was a great schooling year. I remember this project and how fun it was to do with my friends, not knowing how historical it would become all these years later. I have taken my children down to see my little art piece a few years ago and its always a trip down memory lane to look at these tiles. Seeing old friends names pop up and even people you've crossed paths with later on in life.
The art on my tile itself still fairly depicts who I am today, music is still a huge part of my life, the peace sign is actudally significant in what's happening in the world today too. However, at the time I'd often see my older sister's doing drawings and doodling the peace sign so I suppose that's why I put it on my top. I see I put 2000 on my piece too and I supposed that's because of the hype of Tuia 2000 and the New Millennium approaching. I must've felt it was significant to put on at the time. The brown cultural like border is very me, throughout all my schooling years I loved doing borders and using natural browns. Hmm purple? never been a favourite colour of mine so I'm unsure why I chose to use that as a dominant colour in my piece. However, in recent days I'd associate the colour purple to spirituality, something I hold close to my heart. Finally the yellow shirt lol I'm going to assume its mustard which is one of my favourite colours today.

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Wow talk about a trip down memory lane 20 years later :)

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