What do I have to do?

Creating your 2020 tile can be as easy or as complicated as you like... our process is as simple as one, two, three.
1. REGISTER and claim your tile.
2. CREATE your 2020 Tile.
3. UPLOAD and build the wall.


Just hit the sign up button and fill in a few personal details – name, phone number and email.
We’ll send you a confirmation email to make sure we have the right address.
You’ll hit that link, create a password, and you’re in!
We’ll ask you to tell us a little more about yourself – nothing too tricky or time consuming.
And then you claim your tile.


This is where the fun begins…
Some of us are natural born content creators and some of us really aren’t…. and it’s all good. We’re building a wall full of all sorts of content, so…
Wanna upload a selfie – fine by us.
Choreographing a tictoc – bring it on!
Upload some art, recite a poem, perform a waiata – we’re all about it.
Want to introduce us to your whanau, talk about your mahi – music to our ears.
Want to update your self-portrait – break out the crayons!
Park up on the couch, take us to one of your favourite places, get friends and whanau to help, or quietly suss it on your own… It honestly doesn’t matter how or where or what, we can’t wait to meet you.

Top Tips:

  1. You can upload a number of images and videos so we can get to know all about you.
  2. Take your time and enjoy the process, you’ll have a few weeks while we ready the site for uploads.

3. Build the Wall

When we’re ready to roll, we’ll flick you an email and then it’s time to upload your older and much wiser, 20-year-on, self.
Once we’ve made sure you’ve kept it PG (check out our code of conduct), your tile will be live and part of the magnificent 2020 tile wall – a glorious expression of our generation as we are now – alive with images, videos, korero and YOU (you’re actually the most important part ☺).

Ready to make history (again)?

Claim your tile