Find your tile

Once you're registered, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find your tile.
Don’t panic, we’ve developed a genius tool that helps you do that online.

Use the Grid

Once you’re registered, you’ll have access to this handy grid and a complete set of instructions.
We’ve photographed the entire wall in super high resolution and have broken it down into 26 smaller sections. We’ve popped in some names for reference so that you can guess roughly which section you’ll be on. All you need to do is pull up that section where you think your tile is, take a look for your tile and tell us the Grid(G),(X) and (Y) axis numbers we can find you on.
Top Tip – the tiles are roughly in alphabetical order, organised by your first name.

Take a trip down memory lane

Of course, your other option is to head down to the Tile Wall and spend some time combing the wall for your portrait. Feel free to reminisce, have a giggle, maybe shed a tear… Take note of a few landmarks that will help you identify the right grid. Maybe jump on the site and claim your tile while you’re there.
And, if you happen to find friends and whānau on the wall – make sure you take a snap and call them out. This project is all about sharing the joy!

Ask us to help

If that doesn’t work, we have people ready to help you out.

Ready to get into it? Find your Tile.

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